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Hotel Soho House Amsterdam

Noise: the unresolved issue of hotels

“We had a couple of bedrooms that we had big problems occupying because of noise complaints from the gym. Now, these complaints have been reduced, and it is much easier for us to book the rooms, knowing that there are not going to be complaints.”

Jens Lehmkuhler, House Manager

The Client

Soho House Amsterdam, nestled in a charming old building from 1930, is a beacon of sophistication and exclusivity. However, this historic gem faced a peculiar challenge – noise issues stemming from its gym.

The Challenge

The challenge was finding the following requirements:

–      Innovative acoustic solution.
–      Easy and fast installation.
–      Better experience for their hosts.

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“Finding the fastest and most effective solution to bring silence back to our cherished guests´experience” was the real challenge, according to Jens Lehmkuhler, House Manager.

The gym, situated on the 4th floor, next to the hotel’s cinema, caused disturbances for guests three floors below, leading to frequent complaints. The bustling 5th-floor leisure area and restaurant added to the complexity.

The Solution

BigJag 90

Superior Impact Sound Absorption

Ensuring the peace and comfort of guests on lower floors is paramount. BigJag’s exceptional impact sound absorption guarantees a serene environment.

Faster Installation

In a project where time is of the essence and building work was to be minimized, BigJag’s quick installation process was a game-changer. We wanted to open the gym for your guests in record time.

Impeccable Aesthetics

We understand that every detail matters, especially in a charming hotel setting. BigJag’s aesthetic appeal seamlessly complements the overall ambiance of your hotel.

The Result

Noise-Free bliss

Soho House Amsterdan succeeded in silencing the noise and eliminating the vibrations in its gym, raising the atmosphere

Aesthetic upgrade

A new, modern and premium look that enhanced the guest experience.

Cost-effective & clean

BigJag all-in- one solution saved costs, eliminated disruptive construction, and left no mess.

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and we’ll advise you on how BigJag can help you with your noise problems

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