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JD Liverpool

Conquering free weights noise challenges in a historic setting with BigJag.

The Client

In Liverpool’s historic city centre area, JD Gym had the challenge of relocating their entire free weights area to avoid complaints from the commercial tenants below. Disruptions from the lively atmosphere in the free weights area extended beyond the gym’s walls. To tackle this, the gym relocated the free weights area to a new 450m2 location on the third floor, creating a versatile space for members, whilst addressing the noise issues within the historic setting.

The Challenge

Confronting a series of challenges demanded focus on three key areas:

–      A straightforward, swift installation.
–      Perfectly isolating the impact noise and vibrations in the free weight area from the rest of the building.
–      Overcoming the installation issues related to the historical building and city centre location.

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With the increasing popularity of free weights and weightlifting from members, the additional challenge was to create a fit for purpose space, whilst controlling the impact noises, protecting the building and complying with the landlord’s guidelines.

The Solution

BigJag 90

Effortless and quick installation

BigJag not only has excellent impact sound absorption but is also effortlessly easy to install, within a tight refurbishment schedule, at JD Liverpool the quick installation helped other contractors to stay on programme. Efficient and straightforward, ensuring everyone meets their deadlines.

Incomparable Impact Sound Absorption

With BigJag’s class leading impact sound absorption, a quieter environment was achieved for JD members providing a modern and versatile free weights area that is fit for purpose.

Stunning Aesthetics

BigJag’s single tile flooring solution also has stunning aesthetic properties. With a variety of colour and texture options available for the top layer, providing acoustic benefits and a visually appealing environment.

The Result

Acoustic Isolation

JD successfully tackled noise and vibration issues in the free weights area, improving the user experience and preserving the historic building in Liverpool’s city centre. Despite the challenge of finding the right acoustic solution, JD overcame this with an innovative solution.

Gym Elegance

High-quality materials that effortlessly blend with the overall design and aesthetics. The new level three free weights space has created a welcoming area
that encourages members to train in a safe environment, giving JD the confidence
that they have protected the building.

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