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Silent success: Resolving noise challenges in gym environments

The Client

Nestled in Kungälv, STC`s corporate gym, faced a challenge that echoed beyond its walls. The energetic ambiance created in the group-x area was causing unwelcome disruptions throughout the adjancent corporate offices. Recognizing the need for a harmonious environment, STC sought a comprehensive solution to tackle the persistent noise issues.

The Challenge

The task involved meeting the following criteria:

–      Implementing an innovative acoustic solution.
–      Ensuring easy and rapid installation.
–      Enhancing the overall experience for their users.

In addition to resolving noise issues, aesthetics held significant importance for STC. As a corporate gym, it was essential for the flooring to harmoniously complement the overall facility ambiance.

The Solution

BigJag 70

Unmatched Impact Sound Absorption

Creating an optimal workout experience free from noise disruptions was essential for STC users, and with BigJag’s exceptional impact sound absorption, we guaranteed a serene environment.

Swift Installation

In a project where speed was crucial, and construction time needed to be minimized for the unveiling of a new gym area, BigJag’s swift installation process emerged as indispensable. Our priority was to ensure the timely opening of this gym area for STC employees.

Flawless Aesthetics

We recognize the significance of every detail, particularly in a corporate gym. BigJag’s aesthetic allure effortlessly enhances the overall ambiance of your facility.

The Result

Whispering Serenity

STC achieved a notable feat in quelling the noise within the group X area, significantly enhancing the comfort for users training in that space and creating a more enjoyable environment for those utilizing the rest of the gym facilities.

Visual Enhancement

A contemporary and premium aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the overall gym ambiance, creating an attractive environment that captivates STC employees and makes it more inviting for them to engage in their workouts.

Budget-friendly and Clean

BigJag’s all-in-one solution not only delivered cost savings but also spared them from disruptive construction, ensuring a clean and tidy outcome.

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